2 oz Bags


Our Sriracha Black Pepper thick bacon combines the sweetness of honey with the popular flavor of Sriracha and a mild Black Pepper kick.  We added the popular flavor of authentic Sriracha sauce without the heat so everyone could enjoy it.  Some would call this more of a candied bacon than a jerky, but the advantage it has by turning it into jerky is that it is actually contains less fat than pan-fried bacon and it is totally shelf stable.  This is Jeff’s favorite bacon flavor. Bet you can’t stop eating it!


Bacon to go… take some to your office and amaze your friends! Give the GIFT of Bacon and your friends will love you forever, really.




“Jeff’s Famous Bacon Jerky Sriracha Style Black Pepper is phenomenal in every aspect. The aroma is fragrant and inviting. The texture is crispy and simply perfect. The jerky is made with great quality and very meaty strips of bacon. The flavor profile has depth and complexity. Each flavor comes to life on their own and creates a harmonious and incomparable flavor profile.”

 -Professional Jerky Review by JerkyIngredients.com, March, 2019

Sriracha Black Pepper Bacon


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