2.75 oz Bag


Gluten Free -Low Sodium -Low Sugar


If you like Thai Peanut sauce, you will LOVE this. Jeff created this special flavor using innovative methods to make it without nuts, so it is safe for those with peanut or nut allergies. Jeff wanted to offer an alternative to red meat jerky, and he worked on this tirelessly to make sure it was mouth-watering, soft and tender with so much flavor that everyone would enjoy it.  Try it once and you will be hooked forever! Even the most serious beef eaters say they LOVE it too.  Just remember that we did it first.  Every time we innovate a new great flavor, other companies try to copy it, but there is ONLY one original. You can always taste the difference.


• Gluten Free
• High Protein
• Low Fat
• Low Sugar
• Low Sodium


“This new Thai Satay Turkey variety from Jeff’s Famous Jerky does a surprisingly good job of recreating classic Thai Peanut Sauce flavor without using peanuts. But it also does a good job of mimicking Thai Satay grilling with a light smoky, pan-fried character. It’s also probably the only commercially available jerky focused on peanut sauce, and for that reason it’s definitely a recommended buy for jerky aficionados.”
    -Best Beef Jerky Reviews

Thai Satay Turkey Jerky


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